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SōL Signature Techniques that can be added to any massage for an additional amount include:


Foot Scrub:

Exfoliate and freshen up your feet!  Customize your scrub by choosing salt or sugar as a base and adding your favorite essential oil.



A wonderful ancient tool has found its place in the contemporary world of health care. Massage Cupping is a modern form of vacuum therapy, and the incredible results that this simple treatment produces is truly impressive.


Hot Himalayan Stone:

Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains are hand-carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants; and bring the mind, body and spirit, into balance.


Thai Herbal Massage:

This herbal therapy was designed to relieve pain and inflammation. A selection of therapeutic herbs, including prai, ginger, turmeric and lemongrass, are wrapped in a muslin compress, steamed and then applied to the body in gentle pressing, circular and rolling movements.


Soothing Hand & Foot Treatment:

Start your massage with this relaxing treatment of heated emollient and essential oils plus soothing herbs.

Feet only $20. 

Hands only $20.

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